Chasing the Muse: Fiction by Melvyn Chase

"I have a question," Gloria said. "I've been in love a few times. Had some long-term relationships. But I've never been married. How does it feel to be married?"

"Depends on the marriage. The first time I was acting in someone else's play. Karen came from money. Her father subsidized us. I never felt at home with her. I kept trying to break through the walls. It turned out the walls were her."

"Okay. Exit Wife Number One. Enter Wife Number Two."

"Mandy and I had been close friends since we were kids. Told each other everything. I couldn't confide in anyone else. But we never dated. I don't know why."

"But you finally caught up with each other."

"We were both divorced by then. I had a brainstorm: all my life I had been comparing the women I met to Mandy. Why settle for less?"

"What went wrong?"

"I'll tell you someday. Maybe."

"Too many secrets. You should have been in the C.I.A."