Chasing the Muse: Fiction by Melvyn Chase

Music may be the food of love, but one must always ask, "Who is the singer?"

Love: Tender, spiritual, lustful, liberating, suffocating.

A different kind of love takes center stage in each of the stories in The Food of Love and Other Tales of Lovers, Dreamers and Schemers  (Sunstone Press, 2014).  Love's many faces, love's many meanings.  Love between man and wife, parental love, love of power, love of art, love of pleasure, love of God.
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My first collection of short stories was  The Terminal Project and Other Voyages of Discovery (Sunstone Press, 2005). One voyage--one story--may take you no further than the nearest town. Or you may travel far across time and space. Your destination will probably surprise you. And getting there is what discovery is all about.

The Wingthorn Rose  (Sunstone Press, 2008) is a tale of transgression, redemption and the power of love. It is the story of a man with an overpowering obsession. With subtle skill, Lucas Murdoch inserts himself into the lives of the people of Pennington, a small Connecticut town, coldly analyzing the weaknesses of everyone he meets. By the time he leaves, he has forever changed the lives of the townspeople--as well as his own.

September Songs, a Love Story  (Sunstone Press, 2012)  is a novel about a man in the autumn of his discontent--retired after a lucrative but unsatisfying career, and separated from the wife he loves by a tragedy. But he hasn't lost his good humor or his humanity. The book traces his intense, emotional journey through the sometimes funny, sometimes outlandish, sometimes sad memories of his life and loves until he is able to reach toward a better new day.