Chasing the Muse: Fiction by Melvyn Chase

"No, I wasn't born in a castle like this one, but I built lots of castles in the air."


I was Brooklyn-born and -raised at a time when that borough was celebrated in song and story and in the movies, too. The Dodgers were still at Ebbets Field and a ticket to a ball game was so cheap that even a kid's allowance could handle it with ease. A Sunday double header was really an all-day affair, starting with batting practice and providing hours of fun in the sun. And just before the Bums took off for L.A., "we" finally beat the Yankees in the World Series--a victory we would always keep close to our hearts.

And even back then, my private  game  was writing stories, building castles in the air.

In time, I became an editor, a speechwriter. And finally, coming full circle, I returned to my youthful game. I began writing short stories and novels, building brand new castles in the air.

Each of my stories is an open invitation: Come share my castle with me. And BYOI--Bring Your Own Imagination. That's the key to every one of my castles.